Saturday, February 7, 2009

Takhini river valley

It is snowing out side, big time.
I am listening to 'Tibetan Incantations'.
Thanks Aria, very soothing.Yesterday i did go for that ski with Virginia.
This is as far as we got.
No river in sight. Here the set trail stopped, we could have gone on breaking trail.
But Virginia, had not been there all winter i think. And that would mean very deep snow, and going down the slope, you see towards the right.
I always like to see, how the land is made through the time. Here we are i think by an old river bank of that Takhini river, who knows 1000s of years ago.
I will dig out the specific map today, to see how far that river is now, at that particular point. Virginia says, "oh, it's still quite a ways.

Looking out over her farm, i do see blue sky.

Oh Faith, about the sounds, you gotta come out and we both have to go investigating, in the dark i am too scared alone. (Just kidding.) And i haven't heard anymore strange sounds, outside that is.


RachelW said...

Isn't the snow just wonderful? Wonderful! I've been shovelling for the past couple of hours. I'm still not done-- time to head back out there!

christopher said...

Oh yes, I especially like the shoveling part!

jozien said...

I'll make hot chocolate!