Sunday, February 22, 2009

wild ways

Really, i have been having to many stories lately. with some sort of vehicle involved.
Today again i did have fun, but how much fun is this?

We planned to work on the Jo-jo trail a little more, took the snowshoes, shovels.
We didn't get very far.
Before this, i already got stuck, in the ditch along the Alaska highway. There is this little stretch we have to follow the road. Don decides to make a trail in the ditch, like we do other years. He was good, but now i got stuck. And him being ahead, he didn't miss me for a while. I could not pull the skidoo out myself. Pulling and puffing to no avail, he luckily came back for me.

The weather is glorious!
And on we go. Instantly when we drop onto the Mendenhall river there is some overflow. I just follow at a save distant as fast as is safely to go. I have to admit i like these kind of wild trips.
Till around a bend, Don is standing still in the middle of a puddle. I pull up beside him to be... totally in the water. No, not that bad, just wet feet, winter boots are not made for water.
I am always a little anticipated about the flow of water under the ice. Don says that's no problem, you won't fall through, too many layers of frozen up overflow.
He says the problem is the machines, the water and slush in them will freeze up, enabling the machine to work properly.
(I do always carry all sorts of survival gear, no life jacket though)
Anyway we are not sinking, but i am happy to be able to get the skidoo on ice, see photo.
We keep going to find a place where we can turn, we really could have turned around here, but i guess we both like the ride.
More water and then ice, where there was water last week.
On land we take a break, and Don turns around in the meadow.
I am not so skilled, to turn in deep snow, go way out, the meadow not big enough for me, get stuck again. more pulling.
It keeps me fit!
Back through the water, there is no other way really. Now knowing what to expect we navigate :) the river safely.
Dry socks, dry toque, some tea and cookies, in the sun.


dogsled_stacie said...

I love your posts about trying to make it to JoJo Lake! I'm across the highway from you (and Mendenhall) and we made it to JoJo last year with the dog team, once. What side of the highway are you using in the ditch? I had a trail on "my" side earlier on, but it was so bumpy there before the snow really fell, it was dangerous with the dogs. So I have a trail going the other way a couple kms. It would be good now, but the snow is so deep and my snowmachine is not great in the deep stuff. I'd like to see where you guys are going though, let me know if you ever need help!

And the Mendenhall is HORRIBLE for overflow eh?!?! I used it all last winter, about 5 miles of the river, and it was great fun, until the overflow came - which seemed to be a lot. I haven't gone back to it this year.

jozien said...

Hi Stacy,I don't think we've met, but your blond right? You know Jane right? Thanks for clearing some overhanging trees on your end of the river, was that you? Anyway i am glad to meet , because the trail is not progressing very well this year yet.

christopher said...

Wow, you people have a whole different life. It rained kind of hard this afternoon and I have been cold in my house all day, keeping the insides at 60. So I went back to bed and had a nap during the rain. Here you are out in the outback building trails.

jozien said...

Hey Christoper, i would love to nap on a rainy afternoon :), it's just that it hardly ever rains here.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Sounds like fun ... But the dreaded ice, snow, water mix can slush it all up.

RachelW said...

That slushy stuff sure looks challenging! I got stuck last night too, but in my car, because I backed up into some soft stuff. It took a long time and a lot of effort to get it out, and I think I'll just stick to the bike from now on. ;) Enjoy the sun! Isn't it wonderful?

jozien said...

Hi Rachel, It seems we are all having a little(or big) trouble with the road conditions this year.
I heard you like to bike. Right on!

Faith said...

You have serious snow! ;) I can't imagine pulling out if all of that.

Thinking of you...Glad to hear the sun is shining. Hope all is well.