Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Woodpecker tree

This tree is in the back here, on the neighbours property actually. Mostly for me to enjoy. We each have 20 acres and no need for fences.
I didn't go very far today. When i got up with my men it was snowing and still dark anyway. I went back to bed, because i haven't been sleeping very much lately. With that moon out during the day, why not sleep a bit too.

Pelly rescued me! It is always amazing how when i don't feel so energetic, somebody gets me out. Pelly wanted to snowboard in the yard here and urged me; "come and look!" Thanks Pelly! Once i 'm out i always feel better.
I clear a bench and watch for a while, put on my snowshoes and reset the trails around the house.

There are sill clumps of old snow on the trees, but now fresh snow blown into the twigs.

I like these emoticons, the one for Laughing :D, but now i wonder what is the one for dancing, shouldn't that be D? Because that's what i do mostly today, dance around the house a bit.
Tomorrow back to work, for two whole days, yuck! :D


Sue said...

The emoticon for going back to work would probably be :(

I love the days when I dance around the house! today I'm too tired...

Faith said...

I love the old trees for the woodpeckers. There have been a few around our town that eventually had to be taken down. But there is a pair of pileated woodpeckers up the hill from me. They are so striking and beautiful. I love to see them come into town.:)

It is so good to get out even when you don't feel like it. I have to remember that!

Thanks for following my new blog. I was so happy to see you there:)

Robert V. Sobczak said...

I'm an emoticon fan too. But they don't have them available in blogger that I am aware of, or at least as I have my blog set up.