Monday, February 16, 2009

Hoi Bart!

Bart is my favorite nephew. Bart, you probably forgot, so did I.
But Bart's bedroom used to be mine. The room with the balcony. That balcony was my private sanctuary, growing up in a big family.
Bart, maybe you heard, Alexander was in big trouble yesterday. When i was in trouble as a teenager, i used to enter my room by means of that balcony, using the rain pipe.
Bart, can you step outside for me and tell me what you see, from that balcony.

Looking at last night's, digging out, post, (through your plasma, big screen TV.)
One could of course see anything; clarity, loneliness, desolation, or decay.
Today i will look at the decay some more; the orange lichen on the dead branch;
Is it a;
Xanthoria candelaria.
I like that name.
And have to go back out there with a looking glass.
Just so i know.

In the mean time i ask?
Looking at these photos or out from your balcony.
What do you see here today?


christopher said...

Why You Should Write

The writing you do
reveals the design not yet
in God's world until
your hands and heart place
it precisely, a jewel.
That is what you do.

Faith said...

Wow. You are amazing how you bring your whole world past and present into this moment. I agree with Christopher's poem.

I love the scientific names of things. Like secrets waiting to be found. Lichen is beautiful.

This line "One could of course see anything; clarity, loneliness, desolation, or decay." is so powerful.

jozien said...

I bow to both of you and say thanks, one precious stone to another.:)
Living in a cave of diamonds.