Friday, February 13, 2009

ice crystals

I know, i seemed upset about the cold this morning. But you don't know, or i forgot, these are the most glorious days to me.
The sun shines very brightly, while climbing higher in the sky.
The Whitehorse weather report on the Internet even called for; ice crystals in the air.
Well we didn't get that lucky here.
But lots of crystal shining on the snow.

I walk by the way of the road to 'teapot pond'. When i come to the fire truck access road(thanks c), it doesn't look like anybody's been there for a while. Uhmm, i would have liked a path. What is it with me and paths these days, if that ever stopped me.
First it's bad, climbing through the snow pile on the shoulder of the road.
Instead of following the access road, i cut straight to the pond.
Pretty good. Any time of year the terrain is difficult here. It being a swamp with several ponds.

I plan on going to the little creek that flows into the pond. Following the creek and then cutting towards another road from there. Kind of walking in a big circle.
There is something interesting going on with this circle. From my house i seem to be walking down hill, then the pond is flat, like any good pond.
I don't feel there is any uphill part. But the road i end up on, takes me down to bring me home. I don't get it.

After staying on the pond for a while, checking it out, looking here and there.
I will decide, when at the creek the snow is any deeper, i'll turn back the same way.
But the creek has frozen overflow, glaciation. It's wondrous. I do fall in a few soft (snowy) holes, but no deeper then my thighs. Too fast i end up at the origin of the creek. I get rewarded with some open water for a delicious drink.
Thanks for water welling up and crystal on the snow.


christopher said...

Jozien, As ever you have taken me on your journey and I rejoice in it. Dear, your excess road should be access road. "I get access using this road, but I used to drink to excess.

Hidden Under Snow

Thank God for water
fresh from the spring at the head
of the running creek
hidden under snow
sparkling in the sun of love.
I've seen with your eyes,
know I've seen through love,
through the angelic limpid
soul of fierce joy.

Sue said...

Hi Jozien! I love your photo of the ice crystals in the snow, I always try to capture that but never can -- so many things look so beautiful in real life but are so hard to capture second hand. You do a great job of capturing it, in the photo and in the writing!

swamp4me said...

The snow is beautiful. It has been years since we have had a decent snow here. I don't know that I could live where it stays so cold, but I certainly do enjoy looking at your photos!

Crafty Green Poet said...

such beautiful crystals in the snow, I always love the combination of bright blue sky and snow...

jozien said...

I have to admit, when i was outside i couldn't capture the crystals in a photo quite right. Later laying in the sun on the floor in my sunroom i suddenly saw the right shot, and took this photo through the window.

Cicero Sings said...

Very hard to catch those crystals ... I've not had success yet! I wish I enjoyed the cold as much as you. Anything colder than -15 C and I do inside projects!