Sunday, February 8, 2009

Starting all over

Or shall i title it 'no apparent change'? But i borrowed that one from 'The Northern Wall'. Thanks, anyway.
It stopped snowing.
Everything looks white and as it already did for quite a while, so,
no apparent change.
But all the paths i have been diligently making are gone.
I shovel a bit and then go for a walk. Just down the driveway, now all my paths are snowed over. There still will be a base somewhere underneath, but i cannot see where. And i don't feel up for any strenuous exercise anyway.
The sky is nicely striped. whites, greys, blues. And when i first leave some pinks of the early morning.
As there is no other way to go, i turn onto the road. Blessed as i am, we are second last on this road, so not much change to meet any traffic.
But if you know me, i find it hard to just stay on the beaten track.
And when i see a still visible path going uphill, i take it anyway. It's not bad actually. No worse then what i get myself normally into.
I come out halfway up 'crocus hill'.
That's where i sit down by a spruce tree. I try to still my mind. Lots of chattering there lately.
The sky is still striped. The sun behind the clouds. The mountains clearly visible, but because of the way the sky is striped, bands of light shade and bands of light light. In front of the mountains also some wispy clouds. And some mountain tops connected by those clouds. All very subtle.
Sky , Mountains, no apparent difference.
First i sit, then rest on my elbow. Till i just lay down.
The spruce branches, with snow on top, look pretty neat from underneath.

But the Sky! The sky is GLORIOUS.
Look up and you will see.


christopher said...

This is real poetry, written mainly as prose, but that's just another kind. There are novels written as prose poems. A good writer writes. A good reader can tell the difference between the poetic and the mere prose.

Once again you took me with you down your path, had me lie down and see the sky through the underside of a winter's tree, know the thought of the work that lies ahead sometime.

And you have me thanking fate that I am not so high up in the north as you.

RachelW said...

I agree with Christopher; there is poetry in your prose. I felt a tug to lie there in the snow and look up at the incredible sky!

Cicero Sings said...

Laying in bed this morning I thought, I need to check Jozien's posts ... she hasn't been appearing in bloglines and I'm sure she must be posting. Just tonight I see 25 updates all of a sudden appear on bloglines. Wow, do I have my reading cut out for me! I guess I shouldn't rely too heavily on bloglines.

It is great, laying down and looking up at the wonderful, marvelous sky. Such a different perspective.

jozien said...

Thanks Cicero for stopping by. I missed you!
You are very special to me. Before i met you in this blog world, i didn't even know there was other bloggers out there, really.