Monday, February 2, 2009

Deep dark forest

A poem, again?

I like to say the following poem was inspired by an early arrival of an eagle.(the groundhog is not expected till May). The eagles not expected till the end of this month.
Or by the endless expanses of snow, which i think have similarities to a desert.
Or that i just long for summer.
But that all would be a lie
It came out of the deep dark forest of my own emotions.
The first 5 lines borrowed from a song i often listen too from the Jerusalem Passion.I'll find out by whom, my sister sings in it, in an accompanying choir.

Where are the eagles
Where are the eagles
Why don't they hear, why don't they see?
And why don't they fly home

No, he is not in the desert
Not in all that openness
In all that sweltering heat

I fall in the sand
feeling every grain with my skin

My mouth can not speak

And anyone reading this, don't worry now. I am not going to write poetry.
I am doing just fine, doing the way i do, taking you on my trips in the wilderness.

Today i will go North, finding some solace at big birch trees


Faith said...

I think most of your posts are very poetic. My worry would be that you don't write poetry:) I really think you reach into so much emotion with your poems. You know, even the beginning of this post reads like a poem. You may not be able to help yourself:) You may be a poet! A wilderness traveler poet!:)

The poem is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jozien, The Jerusalem Passion was written by an Australian Composer 'Murray Wylie'. You can find the JP website at You can download video and music of all the songs in the oratorio....

christopher said...


I completely agree with Faith on this one. Poesy comes in so many different forms, even whole novels, like they taught me in high school that The Red Badge Of Courage, a novel of the American Civil War, was one long prose poem.

So far I can't fault your poetry :)

RachelW said...

You just did write poetry, Jozien. Heh... you did, and you are... writing poetry, like it or not! :)

Sue said...

I was going to say just what everyone else was saying -- all of your posts are poetry!

jozien said...

Oh I can speak again.
Maybe not so easy,
after all these beautiful compliments, i need a bit of that courage.