Sunday, February 1, 2009


My favorite month. I get to sit out on the deck. The sun warm again, the snow reflecting it. Today started cool, the sun came out, with a speck of snow falling once in a while. But pleasant enough to indeed sit outside.
Don and i had planned to go skidoing today.
But my husband, well.. i don't go in details.
I get the skidoos ready. Which i do need his help with. He gets so crouchy.
Guess what i compare him with.
Indeed a big old Buffalo.
A good provider, but watch out.
So first i go for a spin by myself. You know i just don't like skidoing that much.
I am not very good at it, feel insecure, get stuck etc.
It's a family thing. When Don is with me , i love it. I would still rather be the one riding in the skiff (being pulled along) But Don prefers if i ride my own skidoo. A little Bravo by the way.
After i do 2 spins, clear some snow, watch the birds, he is finally up to it.

Off we go! Following a wide trail. (It's a hunter thing, i can't tell you where...) cutting through the forest, out in the open on a bluff, into a deep dark forest.
It's a joy to see Don ride. He is so good; where i would get stuck , he stands up, leans over and revs up.
Following a levee,the trees here still laden with snow, out on a meadow. Lots of days old Bison tracks. On to a winding narrow trail in the forest.
We are in thick big willow bush, i see the meadow through an opening ahead.
Suddenly Don stops.

I see it too, scramble for the camera, wish i would have gotten a picture of the willows too. But they are running!

They do actually stand still once and a while. I don't know if that is because of the deep snow, or is that actually how they flee; watching where the perceived danger actually is.
As sudden as we saw them, they have disappear in the woods.
Don takes off like a rocket. (I imagine now what my brother went through hunting with Don, that's another story, far more exciting, but not mine to tell.)
He doesn't follow the Bison, but maybe he is wondering if he can see them again on the other side of the forest. Thank goodness there is his skidoo tracks to follow for me. Eventually i do catch up with him. But because of the speed, my hat always gets undone. while adjusting it, i push my contact lens away from my pupil. Now i am half sighted. What a life!
Good and frozen we arrive home before dark.
The photos maybe not perfect, well they're perfect for being wild, we're not in the zoo here(although).
But what joy to share them right away, by the means of this wonderful blogging.


christopher said...

Jozien, I am so glad you came by my site and told me you are here. Another wonderful post with nature as the poet.

Anja said...

I think you're pictures are wonderful, please keep sharing them

Faith said...

Wonderful post! The pictures really capture the wild. I am so surrounded here where I live by houses and fences. It is pretty in its way, but nothing like what you experience every day. Thank you for allowing us to travel with you :)

Cicero Sings said...

What an adventure Jozien ... I'm quite a pansy in comparison!