Saturday, February 21, 2009

around the farm

Today we are going skiing with four of us at the farm.
At noon we meet. The tracks freshly set (thanks Cliff).
Lots of fresh snow and still snowing a bit. The sun only a vague spot of light in the sky. The light flat.
As i always say, loving it anyway. Well that's quadrupled today. Lots of laughing.

I suppose a farm is not a wild place, but this one in the middle of the wilderness, It's fields surrounded, on the west a creek, on the South and East the Takhini river. And North the Stony creek range with the Alaska highway in between.
No view of mountains today though, only some hills that normally don't stand out because of the mountains behind it.
We follow the river for most of the way as the farm is nestled in a big bend.
Most of the time we don't really see the river, but see the bank on the other side.
We ski on top of the bank on this side of the river. After some 2 and a half hours, we are only two thirds around. Virginia calls the rescue party. Cliff comes out with a small cat, (i forgot what it's called, a bombardier?,i'll ask.) We all get in. Feeling like we're in some fancy ski resort, where you get driven around.


christopher said...

You give me smiles.


Faith said...

Lovely post. I smiled too:)

We are supposed to get a winter storm today and tomorrow...maybe up to 10 inches all told. Not a lot by your standards -- but enough to play in and hold off spring a bit longer:)

Maybe I will even get a chance to make some snow angels this time...I have been wanting to do that!

Cicero Sings said...

Fun, that you could call the rescue party!!! Nice to not have to go ALL the way back.