Sunday, February 15, 2009

Aurora Borealis

On there is a beautiful paragraph on the Northern lights from the last few nights, that i am getting a glimpse of. With a photo!

Being woken up
"hey honey, northern lights."
instantly excitedly
still very sleepily
slipping out from underneath warm cover
moving in the dark
winter coat and insulated pants
sliding over naked skin
bare feet in boots
fingers freezing on the door knob
The air is very cold
The moon barely visible

An arch of white light
dispersing higher
pulsating around Big Bear

cold face, sore neck
softly laying down
on our back
South side of the North Star

in Awe
so quiet


christopher said...

Northern Lights

I see you lying
on the snow to see the lights,
splashed across the sky
in the ice and stars
and later, at noon beside
you in the still air
are crystals, tiny,
bright as starshine in your hair,
in the bright white cold.

Faith said...

Nice link, beautiful photo.

Your poem is lovely. I can just see you there in the cold, in awe. Shivers and beauty and love.

I finally took my camera outside:) You can see my little tiny bit of wilderness :)

Thank you, Jozien, for inspiration.

RachelW said...

Thank you for drawing me into your world, Jozien-- you have an amazing talent for bringing out the visceral experience.