Friday, February 20, 2009

Skiing in big lazily falling flakes

-Maybe i am just scared of spring-
Snowflakes falling
carefully i step
into this white
so sensitive
one slight move i make
yielding to easily
I'm sliding now
there's no resistance
All is light
too much speed
I fall
lifted up in opening clouds
The sun a disk
I flinch
even before
a sunray reaches me
I know i'm lost
Ready to retrace the way
Trees pull me in
Ancient ones all knowing
I taste their golden pitch
-I guess winter cannot last eternally-


Faith said...

There were many Februaries in my life that I wanted to never let go of. It isn't that I loved winter so much (the way you do), but that there seemed to be infinite possibilities in the waiting for spring...And a stillness in the winter that felt like comfort.

I love the ending of this poem.

"Trees pull me in
Ancient ones all knowing
I taste their golden pitch"

Oh that is wonderful!

christopher said...

I'm with Faith on this,

"I taste their golden pitch" is a perfect line. We can all taste it with you, a kind of sticky bittersweet, you want it to be honey but it isn't...

aria said...

dear Jozien,
What a beautiful poem.
Afraid of letting go ... winter. Luckily a new
spring (new green leaves),
summer (laying down on the grass looking at the beautiful clouds),
autumn (an enormous variety of colours) and...
winter are coming to see you,
always. Always with love surrounded.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

When I lived up north, Spring was my least favorite season ... by far! If I had to pick em, in order, it would be Fall, Winter, Summer, Spring. Somehow I ended up in Florida (don't ask!)