Friday, February 27, 2009

Crystals in the air

Crystals, right now this very moment. And i am listening to music, Bizet, Carmen.(just to set the stage.)
These crystal are really tiny snow flakes lit up by the sunlight. But you all know that. It's just me that was in the dark again, just pulled out of that Dutch dark clay.

I went on a wonderful ski today, what's new? Barb's fen is lovely, as you see. I take a slightly different route on the way back. Limited to where to go these days, there is still always some new skidoo track. Which must have been there, as nobody is really breaking much new trail these days. I just didn't see it before.
From the top of Don's decent i glide down into a big tree forest, big poplars and big Spruce.
I meet some friendly chickadees on the way. And besides that not too much excitement.

Enough excitement last night i guess.

Northern lights again!

I didn't know they were expected. But when i woke up at four AM. I looked out of the window. Actually without glasses(or lenses) on, i have poor eyesight. They were so bright i could tell something was up.

First when i came out there was patches of light in the East , not moving much. In the West there were moving lights. Connected by an slight arch over head.
If you have ever seen a good display of Northern Lights, it is hard to describe really.
Anyway let me think; South-West some faint greens and red appear.
The arch turns brighter and rolls itself into a circle in the East.
More greens and red, somewhere. I forgot.
Big funnels of white light.
You would think i could tell more, i watched for over half an hour. And they are always moving.
Next time i also better know how my camera works for this kind of thing.
I had not seen a beautiful display like that for a long time.
Thank you sun!


Cicero Sings said...

It is beautiful when the snow crystals sparkle in the air ... and usually pretty cold too.

We went for a ski today as well, though on freshly groomed trails ... your path looks more interesting!

gfid said...

my eldest son is visiting from the Yukon. much of the 2 weeks he's been here, it's been warmer there than it is here.... he finds that a bit hard to take.... and today, since, of course, he went back home to Dawson City yesterday, it's warmed up.

jozien said...

Thanks girls. Yes, the weather is beautiful up here! And Dawson City, it gets hot there in the summer. Lucky guy, your son.

Anja said...

Our house is set into a hill towards the North, so we don't realy see that side, I have only seen the northern lights 1 time and they were almost done. A friend of mine called to tell me to go out and look. Did you know you could see them this far south?

Robert V. Sobczak said...

I remember such snows up on Cape Cod. I think I mentioned that our "green flash" is Florida's version of the northern lights. Of course almost no one ever sees the green flash so I'm not sure how good a comparison it is. Today I was on the beach without my eye glasses, and even worse, also with non-prescription sun glasses, so even if it did flash at the horizon, I wouldn't have seen it anyway. And officially we left 10 minutes before it set.

christopher said...

Thanks, you.