Friday, February 6, 2009

Strange sounds in the woods

This morning i was standing outside in the moonlight. And hear some strange sounds.

I still send Alexander off to school, get up with him and such. It's his last year in high school. He took the car today not the bus.
About the sounds later, because he just phoned. I left a message for him to phone me when he arrives at school.
Because on the local radio we heard that the school bus is stuck. Now being the worrier i am, i forgot to tell him that the roads are very slippy. Yesterday driving, i would sometimes feel the car slightly sliding of to the side, down the camber of the road.
He arrived safely! Reassuringly he says sweetly,"i am a good driver mom."

Anyway the sounds; faintly, almost human. It's not birds or a coyote. Neither a distant dog.
At the end i just wonder if it's the wind blowing around something at the neighbor's.
I guess i never know.

Today i do want to start making some strange sounds. (oops i always did anyway)
As in words on paper, well on screen, nowadays.

For the longest time i wanted my stories here on the blog to mean more then just an account of my nature experiences. To me they always meant so much more, somehow.

Thank you, who already figured that anyway.
Now it seems that it was just me standing in the dark.

This is yesterday's poem, which started shaping in my head visiting a neighbor.

Today i fell in love, again
I saw a path so smooth and straight
Right through wide open space
heading for a hidden river bank

Come out someday and ski
Virginia said

Of course i cannot wait

Now i wonder
What kind of lover would you be?
Would you take me to a secret meadow right beside the stream
Would you take me to the cliffs above the river
Would you take me to a broad and open view of a waving ribbon

Or does this path abruptly end
the brush to thick
Reaching no river after all


Sue said...

Wow! That was wonderful!

I like to write poetry as well, but very often I'm too sensitive about it to put it on the blog... you really put yourself into it.

Keep writing! :)

Faith said...

Beautiful poem. Following paths to where they lead you takes trust just like love. I love this idea, and how the path is unknown like life. Lovely. I have a love for walking on old trails that may or may not go anywhere.

Did you ever discover what the sound was? The wind blowing?

I am glad your son is a good driver :).

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Obviously the path is not a path. Life and poetry are more metaphor, or just as much metaphor, as they are what we walk on the make sense of the world. And yes, doesn't rambling about nature, or water in my case, inspire one to think more broadly and in philosophical and metaphorical realm.

christopher said...

Jozien, when I read your poetic question, I thought back through my life, where I have been, came up with this memory

Double Vision

All it takes is everything.
No half measures in the mix.
When my lover says take me now,
there is nothing left to do

but to continue walking up
the ladder to the ledge,
to see the view, to breathe in,
then make the approach.

Behold the result, an excellent
swan dive into the deep end.
But this is the way of memories.

In the world now I'm just the guy
in the back room punching buttons.

jozien said...

Thank you all so much.