Monday, February 2, 2009

Colors in the clouds

Or my head in the clouds?
So off North i go this morning. The clouds still pinkish, from the morning sun, but mostly blue sky. (does that mean, still 6 weeks weeks of winter? well that's good! That means spring will be early.)
I ski the first part on established ski trails. Carry my snowshoes on my back. In May 2008 when i started this blog, i went this way every other day to check the Birch and later to collect the sap. Now all winter not even an animal has taken the trail.
I switch to snowshoes.
My snow shoes sink in deep. And that bit of crust in the middle somewhere, i break through it. Needless to say i go very slow. But it is glorious. February is exactly what it is supposed to be in my book.-5C today.
(when was it? Feb.2007; -47C)
It is hard work though, i only come as far as the top of a drumlin. I can see the Birch on top of the hill, they have a reddish shine to them. Very different then all the poplar here (quacking aspen). What i do come through is a little forest of Pine trees. I love those too, they are nice and light green compared to the spruce, and more...feminine somehow. About Pine; that doesn't grow around our house, because apparently it needs a forest fire to germinate its seeds. And here at this spot there is definitely some sign of fire, which could be in this semi-arid climate, 60 years ago.(something else to find out)

On my way home, i see that the moon is up already.
And then above my house there is this big interesting cloud. As i flop on a chair on my little deck, colors start to show. I have never seen this. And if you have a name for this phenomena, please let me know. Its a cloud above the sun.

With a sky like that, i sing along with the Jerusalem Passion by Australian composer Murray Wylie (thanks anonymous) my version conducted by Hans Malta, and one of the choirs Les Sirenes (my sister's, Ank)


christopher said...

I am so well pleased with your shares of the world you find near your house. It is so different from anything around here. We close up shop after a foot of snow. There is no way to keep the city going because there isn't enough need for all the equipment and supplies we would need to dig out. I dug my driveway out but couldn't leave my driveway with my car for several days.

jozien said...

Ain't it lovely to be stuck like that for a few days. Thanks for sharing.