Monday, February 9, 2009

Sarah Steele

Ah, in the meantime i went on two outings already.
Snowshoeing, in the late afternoon, yesterday.
And early this morning for a ski.

There is something about being outside, that you don't always perceive the space around you the same. Yesterday still cloudy and fading daylight. It gave me the feeling, that the edge of the space is close by as walls around me. I wonder if others have that too and not that your in the mist. How would you describe that?
I love mist, i need some mist. Then i could just say; oh i couldn't see anything. All sogged in. No it was clear, but the light very flat.

This morning, Mary and i were one of the first ones on the trails in town. I love that, being first. Ha!
The sun is out today. Being on the East side of a hill, the morning sun shining on the trees up hill,that i ski towards. (Out here in Mendenhall, no hills to the East, so to come to an East side, well the morning sun is gone, already in the South.)
So it was interesting how that was kind of different.
Mary has to go back and sends me on the Sarah Steele trails.
Now this is Interesting! Sarah Steele married Don and me, (She has passed away since then, bless her soul.) Any way it occurs to me that moment, how our marriage is bonded with steal.(oops, i meant steel, or did i now?)
How the mind can wander. I wonder.
I love to describe this beautiful trail to you, but with the line of thoughts i am in , that would be too personal.


Sue said...

I wish I lived in a place where I was drawn outside to beautiful wild places -- I love my place, but I don't get outside even every day, except to go from the house to the car to the office. Nature is around me, but there are signs of humans everywhere, and it isn't peaceful or beautiful or good.

christopher said...

I live in an old community, so it is not a suburb. The land use is mainly filled in, so we can call it the Portland Metro area, but I go only five minutes to be out of town on a local road east, that road close by a river, the Clackamas, so the city won't encroach on that road for a long time.

This house I live in is built in an older residential setting, and is on a flat flood plain with some gentle low slopes, but higher than the river now by so much that it doesn't matter. There is round river rock all through the soil and it gets worse as you dig down.

We dug down, how I know, to get sewer to the bungalow (a mother-in-law cottage) in my back yard, transforming a two room garden shed into a complete, larger than usual studio apartment.

My friend Sandy of over twenty years in AA rents it now with no sign of wanting to leave, she and her two cats, Sammy and Roger Ramjet, Hero of Our Nation.

It's okay with me to be here, but I too feel the pull when you describe your travels on the local trails and streets up by Mendenhall. I think perhaps we always tire of where we live and think someone, something, somewhere would work better. Maybe. Maybe not.

I have been all the way around the world. I like it everywhere, sort of, nowhere, sort of. There's a couple places I would happily return. Kashmir. Nepal. The Greek Islands. Places I would like to go: Nederlands, Ireland, New Zealand, Tasmania.

RachelW said...

This is beautiful...

Jozien, I have an award for you on my blog. Cheers!

nina at Nature Remains. said...

Yes, wandering and wondering often go hand in hand.