Saturday, January 31, 2009

lynx tracks

Another beautiful day! After yesterday i want to take it easy today, and take 'normal' cross-country skis. I go in the same direction, up the 'firesmart'. When i come to the cross-roads of trails at the top. I see that Margriet, my neighbour, has made some fresh ski tracks on the North end of the 'firesmart' going East. I take advantage of that.
Thanks Margriet!
This is a nice trail actually, i don't take it often. It goes slightly up hill for 1 km. and then down for another. Getting glimpses of the mountain i was on yesterday.
On the downhill part i ski on a, few days old, skidoo track, which works wonderful, just gliding down with ease.
Now the skidoo happens to turn South, which would bring me to the road. Of course i want to turn North. Breaking trail! What did i say; the greatest joy? But these are neither the right skis or boots for that. I am getting wet socks, of snow working it's way in.
Then in the swamp i find another set of tracks. Lynx tracks. They follow the trail for a while and then turn into the woods, see photo. Another day i will follow them, see if i can find other sign of the Lynx. There are many rabbit (snowshoe hare) tracks too. I can see why the Lynx likes it here.
I climb (skis in hand)to a little ridge to sit and enjoy for a while, The sky is blue ,but above the Mountains in the South hangs thick cloud with yellow in it.
I glide down on skis back in the swamp.

Coming back on the 'firesmart' i am definitely in the shadow. This is a Northern slope. And suddenly i see the graceful branches of Birch trees(photo). I never knew there where Birches here, but considering its a North slope i am not surprised, there are lots of Alders too, another one that likes dark and wet.

When i come home, the sun is disappearing behind that cloud front in the South and it makes a nice shot of a very familiar view, some of you that have been here will recognize it.
The view from the out-house.
How do you like that guy?


Robert V. Sobczak said...

Looks like an adventure ... and good point that just not slope angles, but orientation to the sun, can make a big difference.

christopher said...

Jozien, thanks very much for your travel stories. I get the feelings. I think coming across lynx tracks makes the piece. On one hike up a mountain in the Canadian Rockies we met a marmot sitting off the trail on a stump. He posed for us, then was gone. To be near the wild ones is a special gift.

Sue said...

There are many birches around my mother's house, in the Poconos. They are always so beautiful and so unique against a blue sky.

Lynx, though... I don't think we have anything that wild anywhere near us!

Anonymous said...

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