Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Today i hear

Brand new birdsong
The redpolls have another tune
Downies stopped their drumming
and are courting with a peaceful sound

I feel
The wind, the sun
Snow blowing of the trees
softly stinging my skin
My face glowing as i sit here

The taste of spruce pitch
I smell the balsam poplar buds
All i set out to do
was to drink some clear water from the spring

As i thank the ocean
giving to the clouds
who gave it to the mountains
who brought it to my feet

Everything starts telling me
that spring is here too
very subtly
not too early
There is still so much
I didn't see

An old willow all bent
A younger shoot growing around
The old set in his ways
The newer growth flexibly following
The bent one once young
The young wil set in its now determined way

An old pine of days long gone
Forgotten by wind and fire
Standing taller then the rest
A spruce and poplar forest
Alders at their feet
their seed cones lingering

Today i see
a bird sitting
on the perfect branch
I dream of a picture like that

footnote: This is a Common Redpoll. I might have called it Hoary Redpoll, don't believe everything i say.


RachelW said...

Are the redpolls the little speckled fellas with a touch of red across their heads? Oh, I will have to look them up in the birdbook and see!

christopher said...


Thank you for a wonderful poem. You are really very good, dear.

A Redpoll Meditation

I sit on my branch
amused at the two-footed
all bundled below.
She, yes I know it,
is unable to ruffle
feathers with all that
stuff on. I wonder
how she can scratch her itches
with her mittened hands.

Faith said...

The birds have changed here too. This morning it was all the sorrows of the Mourning Doves...and the Cardinals in the distance. And later Geese flying overhead with a racket of honking. Spring really is here.

I love your poem:)

jozien said...
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jozien said...

Yes Rachel, that's them, aren't they fun?

Christopher, ok you win. D)

Faith, thanks for telling me about your birds.
I just come back from town and besides birds,
there is some dust flying, now that's a sure sign of spring over here.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Very nice poety. I like you're style: it's easy to read, and often has lift, but never too heavy. It's greening out fast and furiously down here in south Florida. Looks like all the snow leaving is the true litmus test of spring in your parts.

RachelW said...

Jozien, I've had a few of those birds at the feeder here often lately. I didn't know their name. This morning, I watched as one with a spot of red in the centre of his forehead dropped a sunflower seed down off the feeder onto the ground, where his speckled brown friend sat waiting. They are very sweet.