Tuesday, March 24, 2009


This morning i snowshoed for 3 hours and this afternoon i went skidoing for 3 hours.
I am tired.

I left when it was still cloudy. In the east i can see a strip of light underneath the cloud cover. Slowly the weather improves. When i am on top of the esker, i take this photo.

In the foreground you see what I call a drumlin. Above there is moose skull lake. And below that cloud in front of the mountain is where i live. You can't see it because we are downhill from the little lake.
Again the snowshoeing is very tiring. I realize now it is not a matter of will power. So, again i can't say if i have any. It is a matter of being able to do what i love. I can pretty well do as i please, nobody is telling me to continue or turn back. Knowing that, i carry on.
With skidoing it's different again,

When i fall of the trail again (the views spectacular) And my muscles just can't lift anymore. There is no choice; either i stay stuck or dig deeper and lift higher.
(Really, Don helps me to get out)
After all that the going is good.
On the 911 pond, the trail all blown in. Lots of fun; we go full speed, standing up.
I wonder if it is like surfing? You gotta keep going, keep your balance and somehow i make it across.
Eventually we come out by Pond creek.
I walk the other creek coming out of Jo-jo to check out the hole.
OK i have to admit, maybe not so smart, I do kind of fall through just before the hole.

This time i do get a photo of the crystals though!

And we see the Bison again.

Couldn't resist posting another picture. A big bull.


Anja said...

Getting tired seems so worth it when you got to see this beauty in mountains, smow, crueystals and a bull.Way to go Jozien.

jozien said...

Is't he something that bull. i knew you would appriciate that, Anja.
It is probably my memories of being somewhat afraid of the bull in the pasture, that i love a sight like that.

Sue said...

Beautiful pictures. I especially love the ice crystals! And even though you love it, it is still will power, I think.

jozien said...

Thanks Sue!