Sunday, March 22, 2009

37 Mile

This is Mary!
Today i met up with her and Hillary.
They had gone camping last night.

At noon this morning, I set out skiing from the highway, and Mary and Hillary said by that time they had just crawled out of the tent. They had a 30 below zero night.
When i meet them we are all skiing in a few less layers of clothing, around -5C now.
It turnes out a warm sunny day.
37 Mile is the name of the Creek. And I think it is the name of the first lake you encounter at the end of the trail. I have been only that far once last summer. (see bear story)
This was my first time on the trail in the winter. It is a beautiful trail, for the scenery and condition of the trail. It is well used by dogsleds and snowmobiles. I saw 4 dog teams today, no skidoos, so really not that busy.
At the crossing of the creek, i am happy to find open water! We sit down beside it, enjoying the rushing of the water. The boulders, yellowish, brown and grey at the bottom showing. We love the way the ice formed on the sides, some places with big crystals, or wavy white edges.

And here as big leaves.


christopher said...

I do so love your stories of your travels out and about. The casual way you write of camping, two ladies, for fun, in -30. God.

Around here that would be a desperate call to the ski patrol to help campers in distress. There cannot be many in the Portland Metro area who have the equipment, the knowledge and the ability to camp like that in the middle of the snow fields available around here.

You take it so everyday. I know that is because it is everyday. There is a way it is not a big thing. I can't help feeling like it is big.

jozien said...

It is big :)
These women are awesome!

Sue said...

I was camping in a cabin, with clear skies and no snow, and I was cold! I wish I could camp with them and learn how they do it!

jozien said...

Me too Sue.
But you did it. I look forward reading about it.
My coldest night outside was only
-20 C.
All i can say, i tried to stay warm, and sleep. What did you do? :)

Cicero Sings said...

I don't think camping in -30 is my cup of tea! Adventuresome ladies!