Monday, March 2, 2009

skiing with the ravens

Waking up this morning it is snowing again.
We will have ski trails till May.
The last snow falls here in June and the first in July,
some years
I have nothing to worry about.
And don't you worry about summer.
Flowers bloom here in melting snow.
And sun and snow is great for getting a tan.
And 3 people taught me now, i can actually swim in that snow.

In the afternoon Margriet and I go skiing.
It is still snowing, but towards the end the sun tries to come out.

We go to the little lake (moose skull) and follow the little incoming creek to Barb's fen. We have some great conversation and forget all about swimming in that snow. It is wonderfully soft though. All trails have a new layer of snow, On the lake we cut some new trail as we lost the old. Here the snow is not that deep, we only sink in a foot or so. Apollo the black dog leads us the way.

On my way home the Ravens are calling,
uhmm...leading me off to some unknown path.


Anja said...

Wouldn't be good if we had snow every month. It would be the end of our family farm.
My parents told me today that they follow your blog too, only the pictures though because they don't know the language

christopher said...

Thanks for your journey, as ever. Please follow the ravens in your heart, but be careful of the ravens in the world. They are tricksters here, like coyote. In the spirit world they are wiser than coyote, but they are less willing to let you come near. :)

gfid said...

snow, snow, snow..... sigh.... i want green. i've taken to wearing my green jeans, just because i crave the color. i named my daughter Raven, and, luckily, it suits her perfectly. long dark hair, dark eyes, innate dignity and a very sharp mind.