Friday, March 20, 2009

The Sun

Spring Equinox

Behind the clouds
The darkest night
Winter in the arctic
The sun is always shining
-Today we are all even-

A little poem to start this special day.
An hour from now(it is 7 a.m as i write this)
I plan to be out there at sunrise, around 8 a.m on the clock here.
Maybe you too.
(Of course the sun is already up most places, as I here am almost the last to see it.)
So, we can share the light.
Which, to me, is what we are doing here anyway.
Thank you!
See you soon.
Love, Jozien


Sue said...

It snowed here today, even though we are all ready for spring and wearing light jackets and getting flowers!

Faith said...

Share the light:-) I love that.

christopher said...

Vernal Equinox
calls me out of my hard shell,
softens me right up.