Friday, March 27, 2009

It's a bug!

Today i came upon some snowfleas in the snow.
If you don't like bugs, don't go to the photos at the bottom of this post.
To see something so tiny, 1 mm, at the most, then enlarge it with the help of my photo program, and find that it is indeed a creepy crawly. That scares me! :)

I went to snowshoe the beach trail.
First everything is wonderful, today the higher i come, the more unpredictable the trail, staying on top of the snow, only to suddenly fall through sideways.
(Sue, my whatever it is called, came to an end:) I made it to a high spot, where i go around the hill and look into the north-west, see mountains, i can not see from my own place, from where i look mainly south.
I do not go to the end of my trail, today this is enough.
On the way back, coming into the poplar trees in a dip, back on the south slope of the hill.
I see snowfleas!
They are not easy to spot, so i don't know if i have missed spotting them before.
Are they a sign of spring?
When do they come out?
What are they?
Again information on the Internet is not easy to find for me. The world of Insects very large.
It is an arthropod, Collembola.
common name, springtail.


Sue said...

Those little creepy crawlies are actually pretty cute :D

That WAS the end of your trail for that day!

jozien said...

Thanks Sue, you are so right, well only about the trail :D

Sue said...

My Grandma used to say "She's cute as a bug," which I always took completely straightforwardly -- picturing a cartoony little cute bug with long eyelashes and a little hat....

Maybe she was actually being ironic :D