Friday, March 6, 2009

Valley of Brides

Last night i didn't sleep well. First at 2 am I woke up, coming out of 2 dreams simultaneously, that where full of light. I woke up thinking i was awake all the time. So never made a conscious decision to remember the dreams. Ahhh. and i never did regain them.
The rest of the night many more dreams. But they were not as nice, as these first two.
Anyway a wild night.

Ready for a wild day. It is around zero, with a warm wind, snow expected.
And Jane and i are off to Shanainbaw lake!(see labels) I have doubts if we reach it, she is more positive. And as she is the one always taking me one step beyond, what i am able (thanks Jane), we just might.
We hopefully will make it to the Valley of Brides. Which is half way, and one of those places i always long for. Hopefully i can show you some pictures tonight.

As i have been busy the last few days. I like to thank you, here, for your comments lately.
And an update on Alexander, beside flying through the air, he did get fairly good marks this week(says he). He also got his marks in for his BCP's (British Columbia exams.)from last semester. Only one over 80%. Which is still good. Here in the Yukon every student gets a money reward, for marks over 80 on such an exam. The money has to go to further education.


Faith said...

Restless nights. I keep forgetting my dreams too.

It is good to have a friend who will take you "one step beyond":)
I look forward to pictures:)

Congrats to Alexander on his marks :)

Sue said...

Congratulations Alexander!

I look forward to your pictures :D

christopher said...

You must be busy. Congrats to you and Alexander. You too because you have had something to do with all of that :)

I rarely remember my dreams, but when I do I have to shake my head because I never dream about "here". All my dreams take place somewhere that isn't quite here on the planet. There is always something deeply different about the land of my dreams.

I wonder if I am here because I am not all there...

That might be too American slang for you. Maybe not. "Not all there" is one way to say I am crazy.

Hope all is well.

aria said...

I rarely remember my dreams, but last night I dreamt I was in Vietnam.... Another three weeks to go and then I'm really there!
Hope you made it to Valley of Brides!

jozien said...

Thank you all.
Faith, can i take you one step beyond? I missed your beautiful poetry this week.
Sue, more snow though.:D
Christopher. Thanks for asking.
Not quite here or there, all is very well.
Aria, me too! in my dreams.