Sunday, March 8, 2009

-30 C / 0C

Early this morning, i woke up to a cold house.
It was 30 below outside!
But that didn't do it, Alexander had left the door open. Good thing he came home just a few hours before. :)

Now it's dripping of the roof. It must be above zero, at least on the roof anyway.
This morning at 7am the birds knew, they where already singing. And i think i hear two different calls from the two different chickadees. Black-capped and Boreal. Loud and clear their spring song.

A glorious day

I went skiing at the farm with Virginia.
As always, we have wonderful conversation and a lot of good laughs.
She liked the next picture, so I posted it. It's Saddle mountain.

With the openness of the farm, she has an amazing view of the surrounding mountains. (maybe i cut some trees around here, what do you think? As keeper of wild places, that won't do, really. (I am allowed one a year by my family members.)

No Redpolls in my garden today, They are all hanging out at Virginia's!


christopher said...

As ever, you evoke your world so well. I am amazed at the birds who stay through the winter.

Robert V. Sobczak said...

We have the same thing in Florida, but on the warm extreme. It may only officially record in the low 80s, but in the hot sun it can feel like 100. (I use Fahrenheit!)

gfid said...

it's such a miracle that something so tiny and fragile as a small bird can keep warm in -30 ... or worse! i can never understand why their little feet don't freeze solid and snap off!

Anja said...

I agree with Virginia's picture choice. The mountain in the back with lines on an angle and the plants in the front dark, it is a great pic.