Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring is here

There i am, 8 a.m.
The sunrise not visible, it is snowing.
Spring different shades of grey.

If you look at the whitish spot in the middle, that is our driveway.
A little up to the right, you see smoke drifting South(left).
Tell me if you found it, because of course i know where it is.
It's where I live. The smoke coming out of our smoke stack.

When you know me, i found it all beautiful anyway.
Like the following tree, sometimes when you loose track of the sun, you just have to turn yourself right around to find it again.

Later the sun did appear of and on. In the afternoon i go to Virginia, and out at the farm, the light is truly gorgeous.
We smell moisture in the air.
Clouds coming and going, surrounding us and up high.
The sky that shows, light blue.

And who have been hanging around at Virginia's for a week.
The Snow Buntings.

Plectrophenax nivalis.

According to the book, Birds of the Yukon Territory (Cameron one of the writers),
While some do overwinter here, they are a true sign of Spring, migrating from the South.



Anja said...

We found the smoke, seems you're living among the trees.

jozien said...

Yes, i live in the woods. Through the trees we do have a beautiful view of the mountains, especially in the winter, without the leaves.

Zee said...

Oh my, how I love your diary and your observations!

jozien said...

Thanks Zee!

aria said...

beautiful, the snowbirds!!!