Monday, March 16, 2009


One of those Florida days (i just call them that, because of what you said, Robert, there in Florida).
This morning it was 30C below again.
When I left at 10.30 a.m. or so, it was probably -20 C
That's when the sundogs where out.
And straight above the sun an arch of color, like a rainbow upside down.

At 3 p.m. it was zero here and now it is slightly below, just so you know :)

Snowshoeing. Really the only sensible mode of transportation with all this snow.
It is rather slow going though, after half an hour i am ready to turn back.
(hey Sue i just realize i do have some will power too, just like you.)
I keep going and it is all very beautiful and warm, i am overdressed today.
It actually gets easier, the snowpack having been hardened higher up it seems.
I want to make it to the top of one of the drumlins.
But somehow i forget to stop.

making this picture , i guess. I made it to do the poplar some justice, as they look better here then in the pictures i posted yesterday.
Before I know it i am at the 'moose meadow', a 'friend' i haven't seen since this summer. It is so nice to be here.
Ofcourse the way back goes twice as fast. And i take some time to sit in the sun on the porch, the Grey Jays, right there as i had thrown out some bacon fat.


Faith said...

Hi Jozien :)

I think I learn something new everytime I read your blog:). The sundogs are amazing. What great photos.

I sat on my porch today in the sun too. It was very warm:) All the neighborhood cats were out, the birds scarce...

jozien said...

Hi Faith!
My cat, Loesje, she likes to sit in the birdfeeder, that's maybe why the Grey Jays where on my porch.

Faith said...

:) When I lived in New York City, we had a cat who would sit on our windowsill (12 stories up) and the Blue Jays would fly up from the park below and dive bomb her!! It really terrified me -- She used to swat at the jays...but she never fell!

Have a nice day:)

Sue said...

Jozien, My will power is lacking, but I'm exercising it and hoping it gets stronger! I can imagine how slow I would have gone, but it sounds lovely!