Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ravens doing their daily round

-11 a.m.-
Two ravens flying by in unison,
talking busily.
A third one close behind,
joining conversation.

Uhm, they don't fly overhead of me.
Going West to East,
more South.
Obviously not stopping by again today.

Pretending not to see me,
they know i'm listening.

"Don't look, there's that girl again,
nothing she has to offer us,
we,ve got more important things to discuss."

I am not offended.
I laugh at their pretence.

One comes back again,
flying steady, overhead of me.

Talking softly now:
"came back to tell,
we love you."

Then in between the sound of wings,
I hear:
"Great imagination girl,
maybe you're the one pretending :)"

(Black as the ravens. According to the radio, the universe is 95% darkness. All i know for sure, i am still shoveling the light, that white stuff.)


christopher said...

What a good poem. What a nice raven to come back like that.

The Ravens Call

Three is a small flock
when it is ravens who speak
from the heart, saying,
I love you, Dutch girl.
So I sit far to your south
intent in adding
my squawk to ravens
as they call to you, so I
call the same, saying,
I love you, Dutch girl.

jozien said...

Love you too Christopher :)