Thursday, March 26, 2009

A warm wind

-Sun and blue sky-

Ah, the clouds are rolling in
they were caught in place
The mountain tops,
they let them go

-what a relieve-

The warm wind blowing
for two days straight
this glorious storm
it takes my breath away

Inside it's cold
stepping out
i protect myself
seeing it blow like that

We are all laughing;
the wind, the wind,
it's warmer than our hearts inside
warmer than the sun

We open up
and share delights
no need for winter coats
we show our skin

-what a relieve, the clouds rolled in-

Will too much joy
lift me from my feet
take me from what i know
even if it's crystal tears, as snow

(As i wrote this, the weather went from sunshine to snow fall)

And now the sun is shining
on the sweeping flurry
It wants to make me cry
The Glory of it All.

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