Saturday, March 28, 2009


Ah, i have got a link, i think.
Yes I do, it sits at the bottom of this post, If you click, On whatever i did there, miraculously it will bring you to the website i want to link.
I promise i'll do better next time, supper is waiting for me.

This morning i translated a poem, from Willem. He is a friend of my brother in law in Holland. If you want check out his website, the poetry is in Dutch, but all the art is universal imagery.:) And beautiful!
I would have liked to print here the original poem with the accompanying art work, but some how i don't know how to file things anymore from my email.
I might somehow get by in the wilderness here, but the wild computer world is no match for me.

In between then and now. I was outside all day in the bright sunshine, removing snow and such, spring cleaning. It is absolutely glorious out. I even did get a bit of a tan.

Well Willem, today there was wind and the clouds were playing catch.
So much for the grieving, it was all, love free of charge; the wind a warm breeze, the sun hot and ravens carried me on their wings.
Here is your poem, i hope i did it some justice.

Grieve works it's way in between the rock
the basalt dances
Rain is pelting
behind my eyeballs
Once you're on your way again
You've got wings
The force of the wind
moves the white clouds playing catch
In the meantime
nothing seems unlawful
Free of charge
love is delivered on your doorstep
I lick blindly from your skin
Anarchy creates havoc
underneath my skull

by Willem Overkleeft
(translation by me)




Robert V. Sobczak said...

I'm a bit confused by the link, but I understand technical glitches too. I have them all the time, and trying to figure things out online is usually an exercise of "doing it yourself" since there isn't any help on the other line (a real voice) as there was in the old days!

jozien said...

Thanks Robert, somehow i do not get it right. I'll try again, the right link.

gfid said...

the link worked just fine for me on my Mac. i wish i knew the language..... i saw my first pussywillows today, on a return trip from BC

jozien said...

hi gfid! I went to your blog, and your rock is amazing!

Sue said...

I found the black and white photos on his site, they were amazing!!!

Anonymous said...

I always think when something is translated from another language the whole essence is spoilt, but with this I think not.Beautiful Poem,you.

jozien said...

Sue, the zwart&wit photos my favorites too. That's where i grew up, and Willem captured very much the essence of our little district, no place like it!

Thanks SarahA!!

Anja said...

Willem captured our area very well and the light in his pictures is realy good too. Thanks for making this link.