Monday, March 9, 2009

Spruce trees

As i am working myself through the dense trees,to take this photo.

I come out smelling like a Spruce tree.
Sue, that reminded me of picking herbs.
Well, when i'll start picking anything here, it's summer down there.
So, i will write something now.
One of the first things i collect lots of, is the young spruce tips, dry them and store them,
full of vitamin C, they make a delicious tea.
Actually i think they don't come out here till June, so even for you it probably is still early.
The first i pick; is the red fireweed shoots, just when coming out of the barren ground. They are good in a salad or as a cooked green.
Now you got me thinking; there will be lots of tasty snacks in the early spring.
Have fun!

Today is kind of a dreary day.
We go for a country drive. The only road; the Highway.:) we did the loop to Champagne. The only interesting thing that catches my eye, is the shining silver of the road surface, polished ice! All the vehicles we see (half a dozen) were driving slower then normal.
To make anything of this day, which really is not bad, rather soft.
I make a picture of our thunder tree. In the area here there is not much sign of any fire ever.
This tree, which must have been rather big, was obviously being hit by a lightning strike.
Wouldn't that have been a sight to see.


Faith said...

Did you figure out what the bird was below?:) Very pretty.

I didn't know you could make tea from spruce and eat fireweed:) I have a friend who is really into wild edibles. When I visit her in the summer -- most often it is burdock tea that we drink:) An aquired taste, I think.

Wonderful thunder tree picture. That would have been a sight to see:)

Wishes for a less dreary day tomorrow!(for you and for me!):)

christopher said...


Northern Goddess

Your heart is thunder
and you stand so lightning struck
with your smoky hair,
a goddess, true north
for the creatures of the dry
found south of your lines.

jozien said...

Thanks Faith. Spruce tip tea is very pleasant, that is if you aquire a taste for it.:)
Thanks Christopher, you're too much.:D

RachelW said...

So glad to hear folks are slowing down on the highway... sometimes I wonder if those speed limits are taken to be minimums! :)

jozien said...

Well yes, i guess Rachel, yesterday indeed people seem to be driving 90 km an hour.