Sunday, March 29, 2009

bike riding

What's up with so many beautiful things to read?
Among it all, my friend Jane J. wrote this beautiful poem this morning, from Vancouver.

I'm late riding,
cherry blossoms are in my way, can't get through

It did get me out of the house, to indeed go bike riding.
Although not in Vancouver, but here on the snow.
Yesterday the heat made the snow on the road icy,
Today the colder temperatures keep the surface hard.

I biked the whole neighbourhood, a white grey world. Today overcast.
I know again what's going on everywhere, not much:)

So i suppose i'll go back to the 'cherry blossoms' happily.

(Thanks Jane :)


christopher said...

A Fat Icy Ride

A hard ride is ice
on the bike you gave to me
though I admit it
I am far too fat
for riding and my bike screams
for mercy with me
grinding it into
the ice just by pedalling,
by standing upright
and bearing down, and
pulling at the handlebars
when I push again.

gfid said...

we used to have an event called the "numb bum" here years ago. a 24 hour team motorcycle race on a frozen lake in the dead of February. i rode on a team in it one year. it went down to -40 while we were jipping round the track doing our laps. we won the turkey award for most flat tires and breakdowns. aside from that, i like to save my bicycle riding for weather when i can have a little bit of skin exposed without fear of freezing it.

gfid said...

.... erm.... that's 'zipping' round the track

jozien said...

No more -40 here gifd.
And i would gladly join you now it's warmer, on your motorbike.
Although the largest bike i safely ride is a honda ct 70.
ps, i liked 'jipping' too