Friday, March 27, 2009


Last night, we felt a little earthquake!
The chimney was visibly shaking, and lots of snow slid of the roof.
I suppose it has to do with all the volcanic activity up north. 0ops,I am already north, mount Redoubt is west from here. Anyway, i would think the tremors are related to the volcanic activity, but i don't really know that.
This morning i found a website;
that indeed there was an earthquake 116 km from here, 10km deep. Looking at Google Earth, it is right under Kluane Lake, Southern Yukon.(also west from here).
magnitude 5.1
7.58.39 PM
61.082 N 138 W
Anyway pretty exciting

After that i walked up the hill to the West.
And this is just the sunset, (no volcano)
beautiful though!

And for really no reason other than powerful elements.
Fire, ice and water.
A picture of the ice in 37 mile creek.
Somehow the other day, i had posted another one, but it was this one i liked best.


Olga said...

I've never felt an earthquake before. Sounds kind of scary

jozien said...

Hi Olga, good to see you!
No, not scary. Up till now that is. Things shake a bit, we feel a tremble. And only later we find out; oh, it was an earthquake.

Cicero Sings said...

We had a real tremor go through once when I was working at the coast ... a whole wave effect. So interesting.

christopher said...

Jozien, an earthquake came through in the early morn several years ago. It really shook. I was in the shower. That was the safest place in the house to survive if the house came down, but I would have had to climb out naked! Nails and splinters...

aria said...

sounds indeed scary, but glad it's not. I heard about the volcano earlier this week and did think of you (of course I do think more often of you :-).

aria said...

by the way, beautiful picture of the snow/mud..

jozien said...

Hi Aria, I think of you!
No mud, it's all snow, water and ice formed in a way i had never seen before.