Monday, March 30, 2009

the old creek

Yesterday, i did run into a neighbour who had plowed a fresh trail in. (only to get stuck)
Thanks to him, i took my snowshoes towards

my blue ribbon trail
which goes through the old creek bed
which comes out by the hidden meadow
which leads you to the foot of the nipple
which brings you at the head waters of stony creek
which is part of the great sifton range
where there is a mountain...
and that's not till this summer...
that is
if i can get around harrison lake
which is in a chasm,
which has vertical walls at least 1000 feet deep.

Today i made it to the old creek bed

I didn't think i would. But the snow! Because of the warm weather, and then colder, a crust formed, that i cannot walk on, but my snowshoes carry me.
In the creek bed, there is a moose living, and i wonder if he is here today, the tracks so fresh.
I found his bed for the night
and these droppings

I think they look somehow pretty. What do you see?

So tada, i am free today.
I can go where ever i want, as long as it is not up hill too much, because i slide back, my snowshoes the old kind, without spikes.
I follow this hill randomly towards the west. Overlooking the neighbourhood, the mountains to the South and moose skull lake.
The wind roaring beautifully
and audibly, no more winter hats

Through the trees i see a dark shape, like big, (not an animal)
It's a rock face i have never seen!
now that's what i love.
The whole thing way bigger than i can get in the picture (because of the trees)

Through deep snow, following the rock, i climb to the top.
To have lunch, in the wind.
The wind and sun having made many miniature ice sculptures.


Sue said...

Such beautiful shots!

I hate the fact that the camera's eye limits how big things are... I'm sure it's much grander in real life!

jozien said...

moose droppings, grander?
no not really D)

Anonymous said...

mooi Jozien ik kom er op terug

Anonymous said...

hello Josien ik ben een met je en herken veel zoniet alles


hellohereholland said...

ik probeer het nog een keer

Anja said...

Usually I try to get out of the wind, but maybe the view is better up top.

christopher said...

Thanks for the journey. I am really pleased to take a few minutes in my day and go to Mendenhall.