Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yukon News

Get Out!

My oh my, i created a link. I tried so many times, i don't know if i remember how i did it this time, when it worked.

Only....:D. It is not the article i wanted, because that was not on the Internet yet.
This article is about 'yukon happenings' in Whitehorse last week.

I wanted to link this coming week's happenings, i guess you have to buy the paper.

p.s. I just tried out this link, and i see that it doesn't even go directly to the article; 'Get Out'.???
I need more practice. Not today.
I'll quote Sue from 'keep in touch'; "this was the end of the trail for that day".


Sue said...

So what's happening?

I liked the idea of the symbolic burning of the stylized embodyment of winter itself... If we have a campfire tonight, I think I'm doing that!

jozien said...

Have fun tonight Sue!
What's happening? I still can't create a link, have problems with simple computer tasks. :(
Besides that everything is glorious.
Oh, Alexander was in the paper again. Me just being a proud mom.