Saturday, January 3, 2009

evening walk

I love being out in the moonlight. I am a morning person and don't have the energy to go out in the evening. Unless someone is taking me!
Thanks Nora and Pelly to have me pull you halfway home.
Jane, Nora and Pelly came out this afternoon. They snowshoed part of the way and walked the rest. And found a new trail, they are going to show me.
At 5pm we left here; the half moon is up and there is still a little bit of daylight left. Pelly is giggling in anticipation for a surprise they have for me.
the surprise is! that i can help mom to pull the sleigh with the two of them on it.
And a pull it is. Luckily they walk a lot too. When it is this cold the snow doesn't slide at all.

We follow the power line. And as we talk, i think i know what trail they are talking about. Years ago the city planned to enlarge this subdivision. They pushed some cat trails in to dig some holes. Actually to see if there was holes one could dig. Nowadays the city wants everybody to have a septic system. So they don't want to plan development right on the bedrock. They're thinking you know!
They never developed there, but i don't know if there is bedrock though. It could be, as it is on one of the shorelines of Ancient Glacial lake Champagne.

What i do know is that the Spruce trees are very tall here. The land has a slight slope, with Northern exposure. Maybe everywhere in the world, but around here it makes a big difference in vegetation if a slope is South facing or North facing.
The trees tall and dark full of white snow, the trail some 10 feet wide.
Once in a while a glimpse of the moon. This afternoon Jane and kids tramped a trail with snowshoes, it is already hard enough for me to walk on.
It goes in quite a ways and call for more investigation. Again not today as it is tonight already.
When i come home the stars are coming out.

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