Monday, January 12, 2009

Pine Grosbeak party

As the thermometer is rising with the minute, the Grosbeaks are all gathering in my garden. Now only 6, but their numbers might increase as i remember from other years.
I know i do feed the birds, so forgive me that this is not a truly wild observation.
But I am so excited, with this warm weather (oh.. i thought i liked the cold).
On a deeper then deep freeze(thanks Anja) day i actually did meet with a Grosbeak.
I forgot if i wrote it, so here maybe one more time. As i was finding a trail through the thick forest, i saw a branch move ahead of me, and through further investigation, one bird flew off, probably a Grosbeak.

I also already had a post about Pine Grosbeaks, see label;Yukon birds.
The females, 2 in the first picture, have a yellowish color to them, I will be back with a photo, if i catch their less brilliant, but still beautiful, coloration with the sun shining on it just right.

About the rest of the day, i did some snow shoveling(while taking pictures of the birds really). We had a dump overnight. In the morning it was clear (the grosbeaks out and about) Suddenly it darkened, we had another snow shower and only the chickadees remained. Sunny again, and that's when i went out for the yard work only to find the Grosbeaks were back. Well, what would you say is more important to do?


RachelW said...

What a beautiful blog you have! I have a real appreciation for the birds, too. Great photos!

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