Saturday, January 31, 2009

Up on top

Here is what the wind was doing on top of the mountain yesterday.
Blowing away the snow under a thin crust and then once in while blowing away the crust, shards of ice blown away, tumbling over the snow, shattering to 'dust'.

Ah, and that's how i feel today.
I cuddle up to Don and cry a bit. He knows this and laughs.
That's good, because I am not sad.

It's that darn 'raising a child' thing again. i think.
I have so much fear there.
I am the mother, i am the mountain.
I cover my child with a warm blanket of snow.
Then comes the wind,
shatters it all,
exposes it all.
I know,
My child, who is not a child anymore,
Stands there tall like the mountain,
He withstands the wind.

Ah, where did that come from? Thanks to those who inspired it.
I only know, when i feel an emotion i have trouble with, I go there right away.
Today in this new form.
In the past i have experienced; dealing with my fear, everything works out.
Of course it is very scary for me to say this, that it works out.
Because i'll never know.....
It's maybe a mothering thing, having to let go of her child.
I will still go to the bottom of that, but to go to that depth, i can't sit here at the computer. I'll let you know.


aria said...

Hello dear Jozien,
What a beatiful poem. And what a great metaphor to see your self as the mountain and the snow! You are doing great; as a mother and as everything else!

christopher said...


I love your writing, dear.

Faith said...

Wow. I love this. You describe the very fear I feel raising my own children. And yes, they withstand the wind. Your writing is so beautiful. And the photos are stunning. Your blog goes straight to my heart.

Sue said...

This is a beautiful post. I think when spring comes to your mountains, it will be very different, but it will still be beautiful there.

Cicero Sings said...

Lovely. Yes, they do withstand the wind ... especially when they have a good Mom and Pop and are loved.