Friday, January 23, 2009


I find more and more, that everything, as in everything, has two sides to it. When we experience something we call negative, there is always a positive side.
In my life i sometimes don't see the beauty of an incident or object. Nature helps me to know that there is a beautiful side to everything.

Today i set out to photograph the odd ball trees close by . And i wish i could keep you in suspense. Because the result totally blew me away in an unsuspected way.
Maybe that's it too; when one looks for beauty knowing it is there, one gets rewarded over amazingly, beyond....

This 40 feet high Spruce grew a round sphere on top.

And this one grows it's branches down instead of up.

I like those trees, because they have grown in a way, that is totally 'wrong' if you happened to be a normal tree.

What else do you see?
A face maybe?
(click on image if you like to see or look at photo below, same tree)


And of all animals to surprise me like this; it's the ordinary squirrel. I wonder, i wonder..... if i was a story teller.....


christopher said...

My goodness. I love this spruce. I think it is the same place that is the squirrel's penthouse. I love that too.

But I know some things and I bet it is a signal of illness of some kind. I hope it is not terminal to the tree. Symbiosis or benign parasitism in the kind case. There is usually a cause for unusual behavior or shape. Sometimes it works. Far more often it weakens the life force somehow.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I hope you will return.

Faith said...

Wonderful photos! And what a great home for a squirrel! Amazing you were able to capture him posing at his doorway!

It looks like a "witches' broom" in the tree. What a treasure!
Here is some information from a website. I find them fascinating.

"Want to make a gardener smile? Tell her you have a witches' broom in your yard! This odd phrase describes masses of dense and slow growing foliage that appear in many plants, but are most often seen in pine, spruce and firs. Brooms are a great source of dwarf and dense cultivars. You may have read of witches' brooms damaging fruit trees. This phenomenon seems totally benign in conifers and is not linked to pathogens or parasites."'%20broom.html

I love your blog. I wandered over from "View from the Northern Wall"

Faith said...

P.S. I was just looking through your other blogs. Wonderful! The photos are beautiful. I love fieldguides and my son and I were just sitting here looking and thinking how neat it is to look at the plants and birds in your corner of the world. Thanks so much for sharing!

jozien said...

Thank you Faith, Yes i was pretty thrilled to capture a squirrel like that. Like you express in your blog about things, this one to me was a real gift. And thanks for the website.

Cicero Sings said...

What an interesting Spruce! I love the squirrel;s penthouse!

splendid said...