Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bird song

This is the blade of grass in the water in the creek 'so secret', that i got pretty wet feet getting to it. Luckily i did bring dry socks. The blade of grass is hung up on the willow, and maybe frozen to it for now, as the droplets you see are ice. Please read about it in my yesterday's post, (The real reason for asking; I am in need of a volunteer. Thank you.)

I went a long way to find this secret creek. And almost couldn't make it because i had to cross this creek which is Pond Creek.
It took me only 2 hours to ski to this point, the skiing super fast. I know from other trips, that there is often open water close to here,from a small creek flowing into Pond Creek. It's where i wanted to go to find 'a place so secret'. I could have known i wouldn't reach it. How can it be secret if i know about it. Because of the water i could not get there. After crossing Pond Creek some where else, i found a lovely spot, where the water revealed itself for just a couple of meters, further up stream.
(note for my self: The old willow has a large nest in it, check it out in the summer.)

Today i took this picture of a Spruce tree. But what i want to talk about, is the birds. Today is a cloudy day, and now it is snowing. This morning it felt like spring. I think it is the birds. In between the chickadees chattering and the Magpie talking, i hear an unfamiliar song. I phoned Mary and she thinks it might be a mating Gray Jay!
Later that day i went to play in the water with my rain boots, in 'barb's fen'.
I heard the song again, light and short, but nevertheless a song. I look up and who sits in the tree; a Gray jay. I was ready to record it with my camera (which might work) was it not that the bird didn't sing again.


Zee said...

This post was fascinating. Thanks for doing all that you do!

RachelW said...

Beautiful pictures, Jozien, though it's frightening to see all that open water this time of year!

By the way, I have a Friends award for you over on my blog... no pressure to send it on, but I wanted to let you know I appreciate you!

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