Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pay up

On the radio CBC, they had an interesting program this afternoon. As usual i only caught a snippet of it. It talked about; what will be the 'new' word for 2009. Or something like that.
i think it will be 'pay up' As in; pay in full.

To me, we will start realizing what things really cost, and that is not what is on the price tag.
For me to step out of the door and take a picture of the first sunlight of the year shining through the trees. And to post that picture here.
I have no idea to what that really costs.

And here i like to ask Barb again, can you put a realistic price tag on it?

But i know that some where down the line, people worked for me to make this camera, worked far more hours and made far less money then i do. i also do believe that resources are used and pollution is created, way beyond the final product (the camera).

Don't despair.

The upside of all this is, (i learned from Helena Norberg-Hodge), that in everything we do there is a price we unknowingly pay.
They way our society works is actually very,very time consuming. Much more time is involved in actually designing a camera, making it, selling it, shipping it, etc.
I could have just stepped outside.....
The joke's on me.

Imagine the leisure time i have...
Time to spend in pure joy.

Does it mean i should stop doing what i am doing?
I don't think so.
Hopefully i will choose more wisely;
What do i still want, if i have to pay up?

(Do you see the light through the trees?)

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Sue said...

Interesting thoughts... even poetic!

My own thoughts to share back with you:

My husband works for a big company. One of their products are nice digital cameras. So when someone buys a nice digital camera, it helps (in some small way) support my family. Although I don't know the cost or pay to the family who actually worked on the assembly line.

One of the benefits for me of today's photography over ten years ago... I can take millions of photos and never print any of them. (And believe me, I do.) I use up my battery and some of the bandwidth on my blog, and memory in my computer... still hard to figure the cost.

But the true value, to me, is how amazing that I can meet you, and see the beautiful light in the trees in the Yukon, from here in New Jersey! It amazes me...

It feels priceless; yet perhaps the cost to be paid is around the corner?