Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pine Grosbeak

Pinicola enucleator
enucleate - to remove the kernel
pinicolous - living in pinewoods

It's snowing all day.
Yesterday Jane snowshoed part of the beach trail. I will take advantage of that and ski it today.
I talk about trails a lot, but actually making ski trails here is a futile venture. There is a lot of snow this winter and not enough people to keep up the trails. I am not complaining though. At the coast they have much more snow, and i wonder how much effort it takes there to keep any path. About the amount of people, i kind of like it that way. Nevertheless i am very happy Jane used one of 'my' trails.
Off i go, the temperature a wee bit warmer, gliding away.

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gfid said...

happy new year - and hello! i bumped into you @ Zee's blog... and followed you home. i spent 6 years in the Yukon, near Dawson city, in another life.... back in the late '70's and into the 80's. gosh that looks like a long time ago in print.

your photos and rambles make me a wee tad nostalgic. i've come from the simple life of the bush to something much more complicated... working on simplifying where i can but it's no small effort in a red-necked town where peoples' motor homes are often bigger than most of the cabins i lived in way back when.

lovely photos. the killdeer in an earlier post made me smile. we had a pair nesting last summer in the gravel of the parking lot at the office where i work. they hatched out 4 adorable little balls of fluff.