Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snow creatures

Today it is -40 C again. No wind, Blue sky
a family of snow creatures.

I am having quite a time making today's post. It's a good thing it's cold out there, then i don't mind sitting at this computer for so long.
I will happily think of myself as an artist. Don't artists struggle to express what's in their mind? But sometimes i wonder.... Well i was wondering, maybe i don't have the brain capacity to figure this all out?

You know, i never have such thoughts when i am out there. Today it being that cold, i just deal with it; I wanted to make some pictures close by to capture that white stuff, building up. Snow on snow. My fingers nearly freeze, but it never occurs to me that maybe my body is not made for this. What i do find these days; that the body is an incredible machine, generating heat.

And it is all so very beautiful outside, maybe i don't capture whatever ihad in mind, exactly as i thought i would. But nature always rewards me abundantly. Today Harry drumming on a tree that i walked by. My fingers couldn't handle much more, but again i took off my mittens, he let me take a few photos and my fingers are fine (see they're typing away).
And it just happen to be that last night, i came upon the baby pictures.
It's all magic.

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Sue said...

It is all so beautiful!

Here in New Jersey, we were all optimistic that we might get a little snow -- or at least a little ice. Just rain, though. It's very ugly.