Wednesday, January 28, 2009

An Owl is hooting

It is almost 11 pm, way past my regular bedtime. I stepped outside, it's a starry night, Venus and the moon have gone down already. And there i hear in the far distant, an owl hooting. Over the years i find that often happens the end of January, but its been years since i've seen the owls.

The owl did make me want to write though. It's been a busy week and tomorrow i work all day. So tonight's the night.(to write)

About the pictures earlier this evening; I took the first one.
On the drive home; Venus was the first to show, in the fading daylight in between dark clouds. And suddenly the new Moon appeared too from behind the clouds. When we got home there was a little light left and i was able to take the first photo.
Then Alexander got ambitious, took the tripod and set the camera on a different setting. It's something else, i still have to learn. Kids these days seem to know these thing automatically. He explained to me to turn the dial to TV and then change the exposure speed. So there you go, he took the 2nd photo!

I also still wanted to finish the cross country ski story at Mount Mac. (McIntyre)
The trails are beautiful and the views incredible. The area quite extensive.
When we were skiing back, clouds rolled in and above Grey Mountain, they turned steal blue. With a stripe of light blue sky just above the mountains. A mountain above Lake Laberge shining in the sunlight and some dappled sunlight on Grey Mountain.
A beautiful sight. And i wonder if these steal blue clouds in the North herald warmer weather. I've noticed it before like that. And indeed today with a fierce wind it did warm considerably.

Well, i better go to bed now, Goodnight.


christopher said...

I heard the owl. Thank you for sharing.

Faith said...

Lovely post. I once lived in a cabin in the woods and in the summer there were Barred Owls calling out. It was an eerie, but delicious sound at the same time. Owls are amazing.

The pictures below are wonderful. I keep thinking I will try to take more photos. You captured the graceful beauty of the night so perfectly.

Sue said...

I think your blog has a very nice effect on me, making me think more often about the wild things that you are keeping... I thought about your reaction to my post when I wrote today :)
Have a good day at work!

jozien said...

Thanks again, I am moved by those comments. Because, well...