Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rosa acicularis

Prickly Rose
Rosa acicularis
June 24 2008
acicula means needle.
And coincidence will that in the photo below, the little sprigs sticking out of the snow are rose bushes. To be honest not that much of an coincidence, as i live in an infinite rose garden here.(the prickly rose one of the main ground covers here)

Just think when you get tired of the cold and snow. Think of me out here in the frozen North. After weeks of around -30 C , I tell you -25C feels so wonderful!
I do have a cold though today, it started last night. On a day like today the angels are watching over me, and they send me an angel to take me for a ski.
I would have sat in the house all day, watching movies. It's with Margriet i go for a ski. All is gloriously sunny in winter wonder land. The weather feels soooo soft. Yes, if you believe it or not, the sun feels almost hot.
And soon i feel totally healthy again. Even when i don't have a cold, my nose drips in the cold anyway. The only difference, I'm still sniffling behind the computer now.
I drink herb tea , picked in spring and summer from the woods and hills. Wild Sage (Artemisia frigida) and Spruce tips for vitamin c. And talking about the herbs, before bed I will make a cup of Rose petal, wild chamomile tea. The petals from the Prickly Rose and the chamomile, Matricaria matricarioides.
I didn't know i was going to talk flowers today and to late now to have a picture right here, it will have to do on top. And rightfully so, as i love flowers most!


aria said...

Hello Jozien,
Though you love the cold, I hope spring is coming soon! And that you can take these beautiful pictures of nice flowers... Although, the snow pictures are magnificent.

Sue said...

I can't even imagine the temperatures you have! We all whine when it gets into the teens (fahrenheit.) It seems like there can never be flowers... but you have lovely ones!

Next spring, when you are picking your own herbal tea, can you post about it so I can see what you pick and how you dry it or store it for the winter? I'd like to do the same. Have you had Sassafras? I used to get that when I was a kid, but I think they've banned it from the market. I have a patch of mint that I use for peppermint tea occasionally, but I don't dry it - I have the mint, but I buy peppermint tea bags from the store!

Sue said...

PS -- feel better! :)

jozien said...

Thanks girls!
Yes, i will post what i pick, and now i know about labelling, I can label it; herbs.
Ha, in today's post i will mention how i use herbs in cooking , and how i dried them.
I would love to have Sassafras, but that does not grow here.

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