Friday, January 9, 2009

Killer Queen

While listening to a good ol' tune from Queen, finally i admit i am defeated.
The Queen of the North has beaten me.
It started 3 days ago when i lost a lens out of my glasses in the deep snow. It was 40 below and i was leaving for town.
This morning i found out that i had driven home last night, having forgotten to unplug myself.

I do love this cold weather, and do stay upbeat ridiculously long. Nothing will bring me down.

But this is it. And guess what, the weather man says; Finally this cold weather is going to break.

After i admit defeat, the Queen of the North will withdraw her extreme force.
And gracefully i will except her beauty again.

So, what did i forget? Unplugging myself? For Southern dwellers that might need explanation.
When one wants to drive a car here in this weather, most of us have to park the car indoors or plug it in an electrical outlet. (or leave it running, which is the least advisable).
After my last stop, I forgot to unplug the car, taking my own electrical cord and that of my employer with me, probably having broken the receptacle on my car. Hopefully someone will find the cords and use them so they can start their car.

Glad to be home again! where i can look at the chickadees who resentlessly, merrily and ... gracefully, keep going.


Anja said...

What a beautiful sunset! Do people in the North battle depression a lot? You seem to get outside often still to pick up some sunshine.

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