Saturday, January 10, 2009

Three-toed Woodpecker

Three-toed Woodpecker
Picoides tridactylus
In the thick Spruce forest, north of the Mendenhall meadows.
Not the perfect picture, but at least you can see his barred back and when you look closely the yellow patch on his crown.
I met two of them today and it was neat to see how they each are stripping their own whole spruce tree of it's bark.

I went for a morning walk with (jessica), Destiny and (josh).
Still cold , but we bush girls don't mind.

In the morning the sky was clear, which normally doesn't indicate much warming. In the afternoon the sky becomes cast over, we will see what it brings.
In the afternoon i went for a two hour walk and near the end of my walk, around 4, the sky close to the horizon became blue with an almost purplish tinge. These were clouds though. What is that and what might it mean? Secrets of the sky.

I didn't know where i was going this afternoon, so i just walked, which still gives me the most freedom to go anywhere.
Soon enough i was drawn towards the mendenhall meadows. They are in the direction of the 911 pond. I am still working on figuring out about that land application. If you are reading this and are interested , you can google YESAB and pull out file 0234 Warren and Tiana Zakus.

Anyway i could have more easily been skiing, my legs grow very tired. But it does give me the freedom to step of the trail often, to investigate some sound or sight deeper in the woods.

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