Friday, January 2, 2009

branches laden with snow

An old friend from Whitehorse staked some land close to here. It is still possible in the Yukon to stake a piece of land. She staked the land for residential use.

It's been the plan for a while that she would come out and show me. Partly due to weather that day hasn't come yet. Yes it is still cold. Colder actually.

Today i decided to check it out by myself. I put on my new boots and take the epoke skis. Crossing my own land, there is some big animal tracks in the forest, Moose or Elk.
First I am on a well used trail and then i turn into an old bush road that has had a skidoo pass through a while ago. Which to me is perfect; a little fresh snow on a hard base. Trees hanging over the trail, heavy laden with snow. With my ski pole i tap the branches that hang low. The snow falls of and the branch jumps up.

Only close to the end, i have to search, trying to follow my friend's directions; 20 feet from this, 50 from that and then 100 feet in. "you'll see it, it's flagged."

Well yes, it might be flagged. But the flagging only visible after i found the plot of land.
The forest is thick here and with the snow, visibility limited.

Ah, but what a lovely spot! A opening in the forest, bordered with poplars of different shapes and the occasional spruce.

Again today, the sky up high is blue, but the mountains slightly obscured by a haze.
There is animal tracks. I would love to spent some time here, but that will wait till my friend comes out.

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