Friday, January 16, 2009


Female Pine Grosbeak.
She fits in perfectly with all happenings today. Maybe she doesn't have bright flamboyant feathers. But she still is darn beautiful to me.
Yesterday i was put in place by a friend. I think i got myself in trouble; because i think i am so darn special. Which i am not.
My new blog friend Sue always expresses so beautifully, how she is boring, which she is not, but that's part of the reason i like her so much. And for many more reasons i think she is very special! Check out her blog if you want, just click on 'keep in touch' on the right side of my posts. Today she posted a u-tube video, which puts us all in place, because well... this guy Matt Harding, he is definitely special, he is totally amazing.

The day it self was very special to me. It is around 0 C degrees. Which proofs my point, because that is probably quite normal for you.
Here everything had changed, All the snow had fallen of the trees, the birds where out. I almost couldn't get away from the house as i was enjoying sitting on the deck in the sun in a sweater.
With my fast pelican (oops) peltonen skis, i want to find some more water, then the amount that was dripping of the roof. At Barb's fen i find these holes with what looks like ice. With my skis taken off, i try to step on this ice. i am still in the snow, and now i should have stepped back, because my foot goes lower then the actual surface of the ice. Indeed i end up with a wet foot.
But it is so mild, a wet foot is not bothering me and i ski for another 2 hours. Taking many pictures.

This one of melted snow on a willow.
All looks so fresh and sparkly and the trees appear green again. The sky is most amazing today. And tonight at sunset there was all sort of incredible things happening.
Out of Jo-jo Lake some white mist was rising up in front of the sunset orange sky with steal grey clouds.


Sue said...

Jozien, you are very darn special! :)
I like being blog friends with you!
And thank you very much for the kind words.

Your photos are beautiful; I would love to be able to take photos as nice as the ones you have posted. You have a lot of talent!

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