Saturday, January 17, 2009


In the meantime 8.30 pm.
Yes, that is very uncommon. It is dry at the moment, but the weather report of Haines Jct. says humidity 97%. What does that mean? 100% being as wet as it can get, just before you can actually call it rain? We either have Haines Jct. weather or Whitehorse' or neither I suppose. We in Mendenhall subdivision right in between, some 100 km from both, 'towns'.
I shoveled off the roof today and did go for a nice outing.
I have to find my bearings a little bit in this weather.
Alexander had a great day snowboarding at the local ski hill!
For me, Oh i almost forgot; i went bike riding on the road, that was fun.
For all of you wondering how i am always frolicking through that snow. Well, now it is... different. The trails soft and off the trail, no way; to heavy and it packs together under foot, which makes it hard to keep my balance. When the snow is cold, it is very dry and light.
Not to worry, i know i am going to love this! Just in time before it's over.


Sue said...

no way! Isn't that extremely uncommon for your area in January? And here, we have abnormally cold temperatures. Strange!

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