Saturday, May 30, 2009

the deer fairy

Today i haven't been out of the yard. (yet)
And really why should i?

Deer on our driveway

And even a fairy

bouncing of into the forest
where did the fairy go?
she dances among trees
taking me
into her stories
she reads to me
we wish we were fairies
living with deer
sleeping on moss
and i dream
to be free
Alexander took this picture later in the day.

Ahhh, always when gardening i feel a little stuck. And even the wind that i love, seems to tire me out sitting here seeding the carrots.
What is it that i always need to move, or just lay down and enjoy.
Gazing, i call it.
I love gazing at my garden
It is quite the wilderness, more wild every year it seems.(did i do a post on this already?)
Anyway, i never seem to be able to control it, because beside that i don't like hard work, i want everything to live, all the weeds.(and all the stories)
So i try to keep some sort of balance. Today i froze the first meal of fireweed shoots. When i would let all the fireweed grow, that's what i would have, a sea of magenta.
Well wouldn't that be lovely, maybe one year i let it be.
Today i am happy to find other treasures. The poppies are blooming here and there, there are lupines and jacob's ladder, the bluebells.
And oh dear, i am so happy that my, transplanted from the wild, blue berry bush is blooming, pink bells.

And now i am going to have a bath. The evening sun shining bright through the big window into my tub. Don't you love it. I do:)


Sue said...

Your deer look stronger and bigger than our deer...
...and I miss having fairies around my house...

christopher said...

Life With Fairies

I have too many
fairies, a population
explosion of pests-
always asking me
the impossible, that I grow
wings and play with them.
Then they punish me,
tease me that I can't fly
like they do. My heart

jozien said...

Yes Sue they are different. these are White-tailed Deer, Odocoileus virginianus.
And about fairies, it's lovely indeed.
Let's go play and dance at Christopher's. Pleeeease, can we Christopher? Two more won't hurt, will it?

aria said...

dear Jozien,
What a beautiful place you are living in.... Fairy tales all over. What does a human kind needs more?

Bryan and Vikki said...

That is the only thing we miss here. Down in southern BC we saw lots of White tail and Mule Deer. Here there are none. The snow is just too deep in the winter. So glad you have them